Gas Sweetening

Our advanced specialty chemicals are tailored to remove undesirable components, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2), from natural gas streams.

Purify and Enhance with RawSource Amines

Eliminate impurities, enhance the quality, and ensure compliance with RawSource’s reliable and efficient gas sweetening products. Amines solvents are widely used to remove these contaminants from natural gas or lighter hydrocarbon products.


Key Products for Gas Sweetening

Chemical Formula:

MEA is a versatile amine compound used as an absorbent in gas treating systems. It reacts with H2S and CO2, effectively capturing these acidic gases and purifying natural gas.

Chemical Formula:

DEA is a commonly employed amine that functions as a solvent in gas sweetening processes. It excels at removing H2S and CO2, ensuring the high-quality purification of natural gas.

Chemical Formula:

TEA, another essential amine, serves as an effective absorbent for gas sweetening. It enhances the removal of acidic gases, contributing to the purification of natural gas.

Gas Sweetening with Rawsource Products

At Rawsource, we supply a range of high-quality chemical products that play a pivotal role in the gas sweetening process, ensuring the removal of undesirable acidic gases like hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) from natural gas and hydrocarbon streams. Our products are trusted by industry professionals for their effectiveness and reliability in gas sweetening applications.

How Our Products Work

In gas sweetening, our products act as absorbents or solvents. When introduced into the gas stream, they chemically react with acidic gases like H2S and CO2, forming stable compounds. This reaction effectively captures the acidic components, leaving behind purified natural gas ready for various applications.

Reduces H2S and CO2 to minimize corrosion

Protects pipelines and equipment, ensuring safety

Improves overall operational efficiency

Benefits of Using Rawsource Products


Our products are known for their high reactivity and efficiency in removing acidic gases, ensuring compliance with gas quality standards.


Rawsource products are trusted by industry professionals for their consistent performance and reliability in gas sweetening processes.

Quality Assurance

We prioritize quality and adhere to stringent quality control measures to provide products that meet or exceed industry standards.

Safety and Environmental Considerations

At Rawsource, safety and environmental responsibility are paramount. We provide guidelines for the safe handling, storage, and disposal of our products. Additionally, we ensure that our products comply with relevant safety and environmental regulations.

Complies with environmental regulations

Reduces H2S and CO2 emissions

Contributes to a greener and sustainable gas processing industry

Customized Solutions for Your Gas Sweetening Needs

Every gas sweetening application is unique, and RawSource understands this. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to develop customized solutions that address specific gas sweetening challenges. Whether you require tailored formulations, specific dosages, or modular systems, RawSource has the expertise to meet your exact gas sweetening requirements.

Tailored solutions for unique gas sweetening challenges

Collaborative approach to develop customized formulations

Expertise in meeting specific gas sweetening requirements