RawSource Global Sourcing Organization (GSO) is the centre of excellence for sourcing industrial and specialty chemicals from emerging markets to RawSource customers all over the world.

Global Chemical Sourcing Excellence

At Rawsource, our commitment to excellence extends worldwide. With a deep-rooted presence in the chemical industry, we’ve harnessed the global marketplace to empower your business. Our global sourcing prowess means you have access to an extensive spectrum of chemicals, from specialty compounds to bulk raw materials. We leverage international networks to secure competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Rawsource is your passport to the world of chemicals, offering market insights and supply chain efficiency. Partner with us to elevate your chemical business globally.

Our Sourcing


This can also be done by migrating operations abroad or partnering with a domestic supplier. Both back and front office functions can be outsourced.


This type of sourcing involves you delegating a job to someone or a team within the company.


This involves placing some of your operations close to where your end-products are sold.

Low-cost Country Sourcing (LCCS)

LCCS involves sourcing materials from countries with lower labor and production costs.

Professional Service

You can recruit the professional services of occupations in the service sector requiring special training.


The creation of new products either from raw materials or components.

Responsible sourcing promotes ethical practices

Responsible sourcing has become a hot topic in today’s global supply chain market. This type of sourcing is a voluntary commitment by companies to consider social and environmental considerations when managing their relationships with suppliers.