Textile Waterproofing

Discover RawSource’s cutting-edge textile waterproofing solutions engineered to protect fabrics from water and moisture intrusion.

Textile Waterproofing Solutions: Shielding Fabrics with RawSource Specialty Chemicals

Our specialty chemicals provide a durable and reliable waterproof barrier while preserving fabric breathability and comfort. From outdoor apparel to technical textiles, RawSource’s waterproofing solutions ensure fabrics stay dry and performance-ready in any weather condition.

Additional RawSource range of ingredients and formulations for textile inks and coatings may includes:


Outdoor Apparel

Active and Adventure Gear

Boating and Marine Equipment

Water Repellent Excellence: Specialty Textile Water Proofers

RawSource’s specialty textile waterproofers are designed to impart superior water repellency to fabrics, keeping them dry and comfortable in wet conditions. Our unique formulations create a reliable waterproof barrier on the fabric surface without compromising breathability. Trust RawSource’s expertise to shield your textiles from rain, snow, and moisture.

Specialty waterproofers for fabric water repellency

Reliable waterproof barrier without compromising breathability

Protects fabrics from rain, snow, and moisture

All-Weather Performance: Versatile Waterproofing Solutions

From outdoor clothing to performance sportswear, RawSource’s waterproofing solutions cater to diverse textile applications. Our specialty chemicals offer all-weather performance, ensuring fabrics remain waterproof and functional, even in challenging conditions. Whether for hiking gear or marine textiles, RawSource has the right waterproofing solutions for your needs.

All-weather performance for diverse textile applications

Maintains fabric waterproofing and functionality

Ideal for outdoor clothing and performance sportswear

Enhanced Fabric Durability: Waterproof and Durable

RawSource’s textile waterproofing solutions not only provide water repellency but also enhance fabric durability. Our specialty chemicals create a protective layer that extends fabric lifespan by safeguarding against water-induced damage, such as mold, mildew, and fabric degradation. Experience enhanced durability with RawSource’s waterproofing expertise.

Tailored solutions for diverse textile waterproofing needs

Collaborative approach to develop customized formulations

Expertise in meeting specific waterproofing requirements

Contact RawSource today to explore our comprehensive range of textile waterproofing solutions and discover how our specialty chemicals can shield your fabrics. Let our expertise in waterproofing, durability enhancement, and customized solutions ensure your textiles remain dry, comfortable, and performance-ready in any weather condition.

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