Adding Value and Simplification With RawSource Blending Solutions we are providing value-added services for our customers.

Our custom blending services provide

With the ability to assist with a wide range of volumes, chemical complexities, and delivery requirements, RawSource has the experience and resources to deliver blending solutions to help you create or improve the chemical products you want to take to market

Offering comprehensive chemical blending services and in-house lab services

RowSource Solutions can provide blending services to meet your industry-specific requirements in coatings, adhesives, cleaners, lubricants, metalworking fluids, oil and gas fluids, and more. We leverage a deep network of raw material suppliers to deliver the value you need, along with the process efficiency and competitive pricing that allow you to stand out among your competition.

Your trusted ethanol and distilled spirits distributor

Looking for a comprehensive solution for your ethyl alcohol uses? Despite the regulatory complexities, ethanol-based solvents are gaining favor as an alternative to conventional solvent systems for industrial applications.

Rawsource specializes in toll blending, offering precise chemical solutions across industries like petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we expertly blend a variety of chemicals, including Ethylene Glycol for antifreeze, Propylene Glycol for pharmaceuticals, Benzene for polymers, and Methanol for solvents. Our service is marked by meticulous quality control and customization to meet specific client needs. From formulation development to final product, Rawsource ensures excellence at every step. Partner with us for reliable, high-quality chemical blending solutions that support your business’s unique requirements.

Your Benefits at Rawsource

Extensive global sourcing network, which enables raw-materials and packaging to be competitively sourced

Fully compliant to all relevant regulations, including REACH and BPR

Robust quality systems, which deliver products that you can trust

Application experts dedicated to specific industries

RawSource Blending Solutions


RawSource is your manufacturer of customer specific and own-brand formulations


RawSource is your provider of packaging solutions ranging from 0.5 liter to full bulk loads.


When you are looking for your trusted partner, RawSource is the one focusing on both product quality and customer confidentiality.