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Explore RawSource’s vibrant range of specialty pigments and makeup formulations, empowering beauty professionals and makeup enthusiasts to create stunning looks.

RawSource's Explore vibrant range of specialty pigments

Our premium color additives and cosmetic ingredients offer exceptional color intensity, versatility, and safety. Discover how RawSource’s innovative solutions can elevate your cosmetic creations and redefine beauty standards.



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Lip Stick

Facial Powder

Eye Liner

Color Control

Base Products


Phenyl Trimethicone

Application :

Skin, hair & Sun Care formulation

Attribute :

Soft feel, non-greasy, glossy, excellent shine, smoothness

Application :

Soft non-greasy feel in hair oils, hair care, aerosols and skin toners

Attribute :

Smooth, non-greasy, oil modifier, reduces oiliness of other products

Application :

Volatile silicone carrier fluid

Attribute :

Low surface tension, spreadable, non greasy, volatile fluid

Application :

Wash resistant, film former, colour cosmetics, skin & hair care

Attribute :

MQ resin in carrier fluid, non-greasy, smooth, breathable film former

Application :

Film former, wash resistant, colour cosmetics, skin & hair care

Attribute :

MQ resin powder, non-greasy, smooth, breathable film former

Application :

Shaving creams, hair care & skin care products

Attribute :

Soft feel silicone polyether surfactant, excellent foam generation & humectant at low concentration

Formulation Base Products

Application :

Hair serum

Attribute :

Ultra-high molecular weight Dimethiconol and Cyclopentasiloxane, a low molecular weight volatile silicone.

Application :

Dimethicone base for formulations, lubrication, skin, hair & sun care

Attribute :

Improve spreading, smoothness, water resistance

Specialty Pigments: Intense and Versatile Color Options

RawSource’s specialty pigments are designed to deliver intense and vibrant colors, allowing makeup artists and beauty brands to unleash their creativity. From rich hues to sparkling shades, our premium pigments offer a diverse color palette for various makeup applications. Whether it’s eyeshadows, lipsticks, or blushes, RawSource’s pigments bring brilliance to your cosmetic creations.

Specialty pigments for intense and vibrant colors

Diverse color palette for makeup applications

Sparkling shades and rich hues for stunning looks

Safety and Quality: Our top priorities

At RawSource, safety and quality are our top priorities. Our cosmetic ingredients are rigorously tested and comply with FDA regulations, ensuring they meet the highest safety standards. Makeup professionals and brands can trust RawSource’s premium ingredients to deliver safe and reliable products for consumers of all skin types.

Safe and FDA-compliant cosmetic ingredients

Rigorously tested to meet the highest safety standards

Formulations for Customized Makeup Creations

Makeup brands and Professionals

¬†Whether you require long-lasting lipsticks, smudge-proof eyeliners, or high-pigmented eyeshadows, our team of experts can develop tailor-made formulations to meet your specific requirements. With RawSource’s customized solutions, you can create makeup products that stand out in the competitive beauty industry.

Customized formulations for makeup products

Stand out in the competitive beauty industry

Inspiring Beauty Trends with Innovative Solutions

Dedicated to inspiring : beauty trends and staying

RawSource is dedicated to inspiring beauty trends and staying ahead of the latest cosmetic innovations. Our specialty pigments and formulations empower makeup artists to explore endless possibilities, from classic beauty looks to bold and avant-garde creations. With RawSource’s innovative solutions, beauty professionals can redefine beauty standards and captivate audiences worldwide.

Inspiring beauty trends with innovative solutions

Endless possibilities for classic and avant-garde makeup looks

Empowering makeup artists to redefine beauty standards

Contact RawSource today to explore our extensive range of specialty pigments and cosmetic ingredients. Unleash your creativity and elevate your makeup creations with RawSource’s vibrant colors, safe formulations, and innovative solutions. Let us be your trusted partner in the colorful world of beauty and makeup.

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