Oil And Gas

RawSource offers comprehensive solutions for the oil and gas industry. With our expertise and quality products, we are your trusted partner for reliable and innovative chemical solutions.

Experience and Tailored Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

With years of experience serving the oil and gas sector, RawSource understands the unique challenges and demands of the industry. We provide tailored solutions that address specific needs, delivering high-performance chemicals and expertise to optimize operations and enhance efficiency.

Applications in Oil & Gas


Efficient Foam Control

Gas Sweetening

Enhancing Efficiency and Purity

Heat Transfer Fluids

Optimal Thermal Performance

Applications of Benzyl Chloride


Benzyl chloride may be used as a solvent in specific chemical processes within the oil and gas industry, although this is not a common practice.

Chemical Intermediate

It can serve as an intermediate compound in the synthesis of other chemicals or additives used in the industry. However, such applications would be highly specialized and not part of standard industry practices.

Applications of Alkyl Pyridine

Corrosion Inhibition

Alkyl Pyridine compounds are essential in preventing corrosion in oil and gas equipment. They form a protective film on metal surfaces, acting as a barrier against corrosive substances present in drilling fluids and production systems.


Alkyl Pyridine-based corrosion inhibitors are compatible with a wide range of fluids and can be effectively used in both oil-based and water-based drilling fluids.

Applications of Propargyl Alcohol

H2S Scavenging

Propargyl alcohol is a highly effective H2S scavenger. It reacts with hydrogen sulfide gas, converting it into non-corrosive compounds, thus mitigating the risk of equipment corrosion and ensuring a safe working environment.

Oilfield Operations

It is commonly used in oilfield operations, especially in the presence of sour (H2S-containing) crude oil and gas reservoirs, to meet safety and environmental regulations.

Applications of PPA 115% (Polyphosphoric Acid)

Acidizing in Well Stimulation

PPA is used in well acidizing treatments to improve the permeability of reservoir rock. It helps dissolve mineral deposits and remove obstructions in the wellbore. This process enhances the flow of hydrocarbons, particularly in older wells that have become less productive over time.

Catalysis in Oil Refining

PPA can serve as a catalyst in various hydrocarbon reactions, such as alkylation and isomerization. These reactions are important in the petroleum refining process to produce high-octane gasoline and other valuable products.

Potassium Hydroxide Powder in the Oil and Gas Industry

Potassium hydroxide powder plays a vital role as a catalyst, pH controller, and desulfurization agent in the oil and gas industry. It enhances process efficiency, ensures optimal pH levels, and reduces environmental impact, facilitating crucial operations in the sector.

Versatile Applications for Oil and Gas Operations

RawSource’s chemical solutions find versatile applications in the oil and gas industry. From controlling foam and enhancing gas sweetening processes to providing efficient heat transfer fluids, our products ensure smooth operations and improved performance throughout the sector.

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