Home Care, Institutional
& Industrial Cleaning (HI&I)

RawSource is Your Trusted Supplier of Chemical Goods for Various Industries, including Home Care, Institutional & Industrial Cleaning (HI&I).

Your Partner for Cleaning Solutions Across Industries

RawSource plays a pivotal role in the cleaning solutions industry. As a trusted provider of chemical raw materials, we enable manufacturers to create high-quality cleaning products for various sectors. With our extensive range of raw materials, including chemicals and additives, we empower our partners to deliver effective and efficient cleaning solutions in households, industries, institutions, and vehicles.

Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions for Every Sector


Essential Ingredients for Home Cleaning

RawSource provides the crucial raw materials needed for effective home cleaning products, empowering manufacturers to create solutions that keep households clean and fresh.


Empowering Manufacturing Excellence
RawSource supplies the essential raw materials for tough stain solutions in industrial settings, enabling manufacturers to deliver superior cleaning products that ensure a clean and productive work environment.


Enabling Automotive Care Solutions
RawSource equips manufacturers with specialized raw materials for automotive care products, enabling them to create high-quality solutions that maintain the pristine condition of vehicles, both inside and out.


Supporting Clean and Hygienic Environments
RawSource offers the necessary raw materials for cleaning solutions tailored to institutional settings, promoting cleanliness and hygiene in schools, hospitals, offices, and other facilities.

Innovative Cleaning Technologies for Superior Results

Our advanced solutions incorporate the latest industry innovations, ensuring efficient and effective cleaning across various sectors. With our commitment to innovation, we deliver top-notch cleaning solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Applications in Home Care, Institutional
& Industrial Cleaning (HI&I)



Hard Surface


Expertise and Innovation for Optimal Cleaning Performance

At RawSource, our experienced team provides exceptional service, creating tailored mixtures and optimizing formulas for efficiency and quality. Stay ahead with our industry expertise, keeping you informed about trends and accessing our latest innovative products. Discover the RawSource difference in custom solutions and cutting-edge offerings:

  • Specialty Cleaning Agents
  • Sustainable Cleaning Solutions
  • Advanced Formulations
  • Performance-Enhancing Additives
  • Cutting-edge Surfactants
  • Eco-friendly Disinfectants