Energy: Optimizing Performance

RawSource is your partner in the energy sector, dedicated to optimizing the performance of your operations while driving sustainability and efficiency.

Powering Efficiency and Sustainability

Our innovative solutions are designed to enhance energy production, transmission, and utilization, ensuring reliable and environmentally responsible energy solutions. From advanced lubricants to insulation materials, RawSource offers a range of products that contribute to the success of your energy initiatives.


Silicone grease is silicone oil based together with inert fillers thickened with a lithium soap.
Silicone paste is silicone oil based with inert fillers. Thickening by silica, and add other additive.

General information

Grease & Paste could be separated into different performance range, like different temperature range resistance, thermal conductivity range, food contact range, optical range.

Typical properties

Silicone grease & paste have good sealing performance, and good lubrication performance. Compare with synthetic oil base paste/grease, silicone oil base paste/grease have better thermal resistance, and keep lubrication in lower and higher temperature, and better biocompatibility.

Structural units

Grease & Paste with silicone oil, thicknener, additive


Can be used by machine or by handle, dispensed in the position of need, no need curing

Application/final products

Sealing of optical connector, gear lubrication, water tap lubrication and heating sink

Power Generation Plants

Renewable Energy Installations

Electrical Grid Infrastructure

Advanced Lubrication

Efficiency is paramount in energy production. RawSource’s advanced lubricants are engineered to minimize friction, reduce wear, and enhance the operational lifespan of critical equipment. Our lubrication solutions are tailored to various energy applications, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings while reducing maintenance costs.

Gas and Steam Turbines

Wind Turbine Gearboxes

Hydroelectric Generators

Thermal Insulation

Effective thermal insulation is essential for energy conservation. RawSource’s insulation materials provide high-performance thermal barriers that reduce heat loss, improve energy efficiency, and enhance overall system reliability. By minimizing energy wastage, our insulation solutions contribute to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Industrial Boilers

Pipelines and Heat Exchangers

Energy Storage Facilities

Corrosion Protection

Energy infrastructure is often exposed to harsh environments that can lead to corrosion. RawSource’s corrosion protection solutions offer a durable shield against corrosive elements, ensuring the integrity and reliability of critical components. By preventing corrosion-related failures, our solutions help maintain uninterrupted energy production.

Oil and Gas Facilities

Substation Equipment

Solar Panel Support Structures

Sustainability Initiatives

RawSource is committed to supporting your sustainability goals. Our innovative products not only enhance energy efficiency but also promote environmental responsibility. By partnering with RawSource, you contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

Optimize the performance and sustainability of your energy operations with RawSource’s cutting-edge solutions. Contact us today to learn how our advanced lubrication, insulation, and corrosion protection products can help drive efficiency and reliability in your energy initiatives.