Industrial Greases

Discover RawSource’s advanced industrial greases engineered to provide unmatched lubrication and protection for various applications.

Unmatched Lubrication with RawSource Specialty Products

Our specialty greases offer exceptional performance in high-temperature environments, extreme pressures, and heavy loads. With RawSource’s reliable greases, ensure smooth operations, reduced friction, and prolonged machinery life across diverse industries.

High-Performance Greases

RawSource’s specialty greases are formulated to deliver high-performance lubrication for demanding industrial applications. Our unique grease formulations offer excellent film strength, reducing metal-to-metal contact and preventing wear and tear. Trust RawSource’s expertise to keep your machinery running smoothly and efficiently.

Specialty greases for high-performance lubrication

Excellent film strength to reduce metal-to-metal contact

Prevents wear and tear for prolonged machinery life

Versatile Greases for Diverse Applications

From heavy machinery to automotive components, RawSource’s greases cater to diverse industrial applications. Our specialty greases are designed to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring optimal performance in various industries. Whether in mining, construction, or manufacturing, RawSource has the right grease solutions for your needs.

Versatile greases for diverse industrial applications

Ideal for mining, construction, automotive, and more

Withstands extreme conditions for optimal performance

Enhanced Protection in Harsh Environments

RawSource’s industrial greases offer enhanced protection in harsh environments, including high temperatures and extreme pressures. Our specialty greases provide a reliable lubricating film that reduces friction and minimizes wear, even under demanding conditions. Ensure smooth and reliable operations with RawSource’s greases.

Enhanced protection in high-temperature environments

Reliable lubricating film to reduce friction and wear

Suitable for extreme pressure applications

Custom Grease Formulations for Your Specific Needs

Custom Grease Formulations for Your Specific Needs
At RawSource, we understand that different applications require unique grease properties. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to develop custom grease formulations tailored to their specific needs. From high-temperature resistance to extended shelf life, RawSource ensures that your industrial operations receive the perfect lubrication solution.

a person standing next to a car

Tailored grease formulations for specific applications

Expertise in meeting specific grease requirements

Collaborative approach to develop customized solutions

Contact RawSource today to explore our comprehensive range of industrial greases and discover how our specialty products can optimize your machinery’s performance. Let our high-performance lubrication, versatility, and customized solutions elevate your industrial operations with reduced friction, increased efficiency, and extended machinery life.