Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

Discover RawSource’s cutting-edge products in biotechnology and genetic engineering, revolutionizing advancements in various industries.

Oil-Based Adjuvants in Agriculture: Enhancing Product Effectiveness and Leaf Penetration

Oil-based adjuvants are used to slow the drying of crop protection products so the absorption can increase, making them more effective. These agricultural adjuvants can also improve the penetration into the leaves. Oil-based adjuvants can also be classified into three categories: crop oils, crop oil concentrates, and vegetable oil concentrates. Crop oils generally have a petroleum oil base which is mixed with a small quantity of non-ionic surfactants.

Polymers in Organic Farming: Versatile Applications and Pine-Derived Origins

Polymers are a common type of adjuvant approved for use in organic farming. They are commonly derived from pinene, which is an aromatic terpene contributing to pine tree aromas. They can be added to spray solutions as weatherproofing agents, stickers, penetrants, and drift reducers depending on their concentration.

Cutting-edge reagents for genetic manipulation

DNA polymerases, ligases, and restriction enzymes

PCR kits for precise gene editing and amplification

Biotechnology Solutions for Industry Advancements

RawSource’s biotechnology solutions extend beyond research laboratories, contributing to advancements in various industries. Our specialty products are utilized in healthcare, agriculture, biofuels, and industrial processes. From medical diagnostics to sustainable agriculture and bio-based production, RawSource’s contributions in biotechnology drive innovation and address global challenges.

Biotechnology solutions for diverse industries

Applications in healthcare, agriculture, biofuels, and more

Driving innovation and sustainability across sectors

Custom Solutions for Tailored Biotechnological Needs

At RawSource, we recognize that biotechnological projects often require custom solutions. Our team of experts collaborates closely with researchers and industries to develop specialized reagents and enzymes to meet unique requirements. With RawSource’s custom solutions, researchers can confidently pursue ambitious scientific endeavors and industry-specific innovations.

Custom solutions for tailored biotechnological needs

Collaborative approach to develop specialized products

Supporting ambitious scientific research and industry innovations

Empowering Innovations with RawSource Specialty Solutions

Our specialty solutions offer precise tools for genetic manipulation, gene expression, and protein engineering. Explore how RawSource’s premium reagents and enzymes empower scientists and researchers to drive groundbreaking discoveries and foster innovation.
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