Explore RawSource’s comprehensive range of specialty chemicals designed to elevate the construction industry.

Empowering Projects with RawSource Specialty Chemicals

These pre-treated materials used for foundations, structural walls, grouting, cladding and roofing can vary from stone to sandstone, via concrete, bricks, earthen tiles, sandstone, etc. They must be particularly resistant since they are exposed to increasing pressure caused by extreme weather, pollution and chemicals (e.g. through acid rains). Silicones can also reinforce structural performance and can even be formulated to improve soundproofing.

Our range of RawSource construction products provides the following features and functionalities

Diverse range of high-performance adhesives

Exceptional bonding strength for various substrates

Ensures secure and reliable construction

Reinforced Stability:
Construction Sealants

Seal the deal with RawSource’s construction sealants, designed to reinforce stability and prevent water and air infiltration. Our sealants provide reliable protection against leaks, weathering, and structural damage, ensuring the longevity and durability of your buildings. From expansion joints to window sealants, RawSource has the right sealant solutions for your construction needs.

Effective protection against leaks and weathering

Ensures structural stability and durability

Wide range of sealants for diverse applications

Building the Foundation: High-Performance Adhesives

The same need for water-repellency and resistance to moisture also applies to many materials used for indoor applications, in particular gypsum panels or plasterboard in bathrooms and kitchens.

Eco-friendly coatings for green building initiatives

Low in VOCs to meet environmental standards

Contributes to projects’ environmental profile

At RawSource, we understand that each construction project has unique requirements. Our team of experts works closely with clients to develop custom solutions that address specific construction challenges. From tailored formulations to specific performance properties, RawSource is your reliable partner in achieving construction excellence.