Coatings And Construction

RawSource is your trusted supplier of high-quality chemical goods, providing tailored solutions for the diverse needs of this industry.

Polyaspartic Coatings: Unrivaled Durability and Efficiency

Experience the power of RawSource’s specialty chemicals in polyaspartic coatings. Our wide range of high-quality chemicals, including MACM, PACM, DEM, Amines, are key components that contribute to the exceptional durability, efficiency, and performance of our polyaspartic coatings. Trust RawSource for superior raw materials that elevate the quality of your coatings.

Applications in Coatings And Construction

Paints and Graphic Ink


Roof Coatings

Empowering Performance, Innovation, and Sustainability

At RawSource, we empower industries with our specialty raw materials, fueling performance, fostering innovation, and promoting sustainability. From additives to solvents, our high-quality products drive exceptional results