Textile Softening

Discover RawSource’s innovative textile softening solutions designed to impart a luxurious and comfortable feel to fabrics.

Textile Softening Solutions: Sweeten Fabrics with RawSource Specialty Chemicals

Our specialty chemicals are engineered to enhance the softness, drapability, and overall tactile experience of textiles, making them ideal for a wide range of clothing and home textile applications. Experience the sweetness of softness with RawSource’s reliable and high-performance textile sweetening solutions.

Additional RawSource range of ingredients and formulations for textile inks and coatings may includes:


Reduced Wrinkling

Reduced Stiffness

Better Breathability

Indulging in Softness: Specialty Textile Sweeteners

RawSource’s specialty textile sweeteners are crafted to indulge fabrics with a soft, silky touch that exudes luxury. Our unique formulations penetrate deep into the fibers, ensuring a long-lasting softness that delights the senses. From delicate intimate apparel to cozy bedding, our textile sweetening solutions elevate fabrics for superior comfort and appeal.

Specialty sweeteners for fabrics

Soft, silky touch that exudes luxury

Long-lasting softness for intimate apparel and bedding

Drapability and Comfort: Enhancing Fabric Performance

Beyond the luxurious feel, RawSource’s textile sweetening solutions enhance the drapability and comfort of fabrics. The improved fabric drape ensures better garment fit, flow, and appearance, making our sweetened textiles perfect for creating flattering clothing designs and stylish home textiles.

Enhances fabric drapability for better garment fit

Ensures comfortable and flattering clothing designs

Adds elegance to home textiles and decor

Eco-Friendly Sweeteners: Sustainable Softness

RawSource is committed to sustainability and offers eco-friendly textile sweeteners that align with environmentally conscious practices. Our specialty chemicals comply with global regulations and reduce the environmental impact of softening processes. Embrace sustainable solutions with RawSource’s eco-friendly textile sweeteners and contribute to a greener textile industry.

Eco-friendly sweeteners for sustainable softness

Complies with global environmental regulations

Reduces the environmental impact of softening processes

At RawSource, we understand that each textile application requires unique softening properties. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to develop custom solutions that cater to specific textile sweetening needs. Whether you seek softness for delicate fabrics or durability for industrial textiles, RawSource has the expertise to meet your exact requirements.

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