The oil and gas industry is undergoing significant changes, embracing digitization and automation to optimize operations and overcome complex engineering challenges. Chemical solutions play a crucial role in addressing these challenges and improving overall industry performance.

Mitigate Production Threats

Chemical solutions offer effective measures to mitigate production threats in the oil and gas industry. These solutions help prevent issues such as corrosion, scaling, and fouling that can hamper production efficiency. By implementing appropriate chemical treatments, operators can ensure smoother operations and extend the lifespan of equipment.

Corrosion Control

Chemical inhibitors and coatings help protect metal surfaces from corrosive agents, safeguarding pipelines and equipment against degradation.

Scale and Deposit Prevention​

Specialized chemicals prevent the formation of scale and deposits in reservoirs, wells, and production equipment, maintaining optimal flow rates and minimizing downtime.

Achieve Full Field Potential

To maximize oil and gas extraction, the industry relies on chemical solutions that enhance reservoir performance and optimize production rates.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Chemical flooding techniques, including polymer and surfactant injections, improve oil recovery from reservoirs by modifying fluid behavior and reducing interfacial tension.

Reservoir Stimulation Chemical fracturing agents help create or enhance fracture networks, increasing permeability and allowing for efficient hydrocarbon extraction.

Restore Full Production

In cases where production has been compromised, chemical solutions offer methods to restore full production capabilities and minimize downtime.

Well Remediation Chemical treatments are used to remove obstructions, clean wellbores, and enhance fluid flow, restoring wells to their optimal production capacity.

Catalysts and pH Control

Chemicals like potassium hydroxide powder play essential roles in the oil and gas industry as catalysts, pH controllers, and desulfurization agents. These chemicals enable efficient processing and refining of hydrocarbons, improving overall product quality.

Heat Transfer Fluids

Heat transfer fluids, crucial in various industrial processes, find wide application in the oil and gas industry. These fluids facilitate efficient heating or cooling, maintaining optimal temperatures in closed-loop systems and ensuring smooth operations.

Foam Control

Foam formation can impede production and cause operational challenges. Chemical formulations offer effective foam control solutions, either by preventing foam formation or by eliminating it once it has formed. Additives such as glycols or alcohols can be employed, with subsequent filtration as necessary.

Gas Sweetening

Gas sweetening is a critical process to remove acidic gases, such as hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) and carbon dioxide (CO₂), from natural gas or other gas streams. Chemical solutions enable efficient gas sweetening, ensuring compliance with quality standards and enhancing safety.



CAS Number: 67-56-1

Used as a solvent, antifreeze, and in gas dehydration processes.

Used as a solvent and in gas dehydration processes.

Hydrochloric Acid

CAS Number: 7647-01-0

Used for acidizing and well stimulation in oil and gas wells.

Used for pH control, drilling fluid additives, and water treatment in the oil and gas industry.

Please note that the specific applications and uses of these chemicals may vary within the oil and gas industry. It is always important to refer to industry guidelines, safety protocols, and consult with professionals for accurate and detailed information on chemical usage in specific oil and gas operations.

Chemical solutions play a vital role in the oil and gas industry, enabling efficient operations, mitigating production threats, and optimizing performance. As a leading provider, RawSource offers a comprehensive range of chemical solutions, leveraging a vast network to deliver the most suitable products for each unique requirement. Partner with RawSource to unlock the full potential of chemical solutions and drive success in the oil and gas industry.

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