Silicone Emulsions

Experience the versatility and performance of our cutting-edge emulsions products, each engineered to elevate your formulations and processes.

Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Macro-Emulsions : 30%-60% Active Silicone

Elevate your products with our Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) macro-emulsions, featuring an activity range of 30%-60%. Choose from a selection of PDMS macro-emulsions tailored to enhance lubrication, thermal stability, and anti-foaming properties. Industries spanning manufacturing, automotive, and more can benefit from the exceptional characteristics of PDMS. Explore the world of possibilities with our PDMS macro-emulsions.

Product Line

Product: Mid viscosity PDMS based
Active Silicone: 35%/ 60%
Product: Hi viscosity PDMS based
Active Silicone: 30%/ 60%/ 56%
Product: Food contact
Active Silicone: 35%

Functional Silicone Macro-Emulsions : 40%-60% Active Silicone

Unleash customized benefits with our Functional Silicone Macro-Emulsions, boasting an activity level of 40%-60%. Our functional emulsions are designed to deliver specialized properties to your products, from water repellency to enhanced surface attributes and improved adhesion. With our precisely formulated macro-emulsions, you have the power to elevate performance across a spectrum of industries. Discover the realm of customization with our Functional Silicone Macro-Emulsions.

Product Line

Product: Alkylaryl silicone based
Active Silicone: 50%
Product: Amino silicone based
Active Silicone: 40%
Product: OH fluid based
Active Silicone: 60%
Each of our silicon emulsion products is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of diverse industries, ensuring you receive the highest quality and performance. For detailed specifications and customized solutions, contact our expert team today.