Metalworking Fluids

Discover RawSource’s advanced metalworking fluids designed to elevate precision and productivity in machining and metal forming processes.

Enhancing Precision and Productivity with RawSource Specialty Solutions

Our specialty solutions provide superior cooling, lubrication, and corrosion protection, ensuring efficient operations and extended tool life. From cutting oils to forming fluids, RawSource’s reliable metalworking fluids cater to diverse metalworking applications.

High-Performance Metalworking Fluids

Specialty Solutions for Efficient Operations RawSource’s specialty metalworking fluids are engineered to deliver high-performance lubrication, cooling, and protection during machining and metal forming processes. Our unique formulations reduce friction, heat, and tool wear, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional surface finish. Trust RawSource’s expertise to enhance your metalworking efficiency and productivity.

Specialty lubricants for high-performance machinery

Reduces friction and minimizes wear for enhanced efficiency

Ensures exceptional surface finish and extended tool life

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Diverse Metalworking Applications

RawSource offers a comprehensive range of metalworking fluids tailored for diverse applications. Whether it’s precision machining, heavy-duty cutting, or metal forming, our specialty solutions are engineered to meet the specific needs of different metalworking processes. From CNC machining to stamping operations, RawSource has the right metalworking fluids for your industry.

Cutting-edge solutions for diverse metalworking applications

Engineered to meet the specific needs of various processes

Suitable for CNC machining, stamping, and more

Enhanced Cooling and Corrosion Protection for Metalworking

RawSource’s metalworking fluids provide enhanced cooling and corrosion protection, crucial in metalworking processes. Our specialty solutions effectively dissipate heat, reducing the risk of thermal damage to workpieces and tools. Moreover, RawSource’s fluids offer reliable corrosion protection, preserving the integrity of metal surfaces and extending the life of equipment.

Enhanced cooling for thermal damage prevention

Reliable corrosion protection for metal surfaces

Prolongs equipment life and maintains component integrity

Customized Solutions for Precision Performance

At RawSource, we recognize that precision metalworking requires tailored solutions. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to develop custom metalworking fluid formulations that address their specific needs. Whether it’s micro-machining or high-speed machining, RawSource ensures that your metalworking operations achieve precision performance.

Tailored solutions for precision metalworking

Collaborative approach to develop customized formulations

Expertise in meeting specific metalworking requirements

Contact RawSource today to explore our comprehensive range of metalworking fluids and discover how our specialty solutions can enhance your machining and metal forming processes. Let our high-performance lubrication, cooling, and corrosion protection elevate your metalworking efficiency, precision, and overall productivity.