Innovating the Coating Industry, RawSource at the ChinaCoat 2023

As the global coating industry continues to push the boundaries of innovation, RawSource is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming ChinaCoat 2023 , scheduled to take place in Shanghai this November. This prestigious event serves as a dynamic platform for coating professionals to explore the latest advancements, technologies, and solutions. RawSource is set to showcase its expertise and cutting-edge offerings, positioning itself at the forefront of the coatings revolution.

Unveiling Coating Excellence with RawSource

At the ChinaCoat 2023, RawSource is geared up to unveil its remarkable range of specialty chemicals and ingredients tailored for the coating industry. With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and performance, RawSource offers a diverse portfolio of raw materials that contribute to the exceptional durability, efficiency, and aesthetics of coatings. Attendees can discover how RawSource’s innovations are driving the transformation of the coating sector.

Engaging with Coating Experts

The ChinaCoat 2023 is a premier networking opportunity, allowing coating professionals to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas. RawSource invites attendees to engage with its team of experts, who will be present to share insights, industry trends, and solutions. From high-performance additives to eco-friendly formulations, RawSource is poised to enhance the knowledge and expertise of coating enthusiasts.

Exploring Coating Possibilities

As anticipation builds for the ChinaCoat 2023, RawSource is excited to provide a glimpse into the future of coatings. Visitors can expect live demonstrations, interactive displays, and in-depth discussions that showcase the versatility and impact of RawSource’s ingredients. From automotive coatings to architectural finishes, RawSource is ready to demonstrate how its innovations are reshaping the coating landscape.

Polyaspartic Coatings: Unrivaled Durability and Efficiency

Experience the power of RawSource’s specialty chemicals in polyaspartic coatings. Our wide range of high-quality chemicals, including MACM, PACM, DEM, Amines, are key components that contribute to the exceptional durability, efficiency, and performance of our polyaspartic coatings. Trust RawSource for superior raw materials that elevate the quality of your coatings.

Applications in Coatings And Construction

Paints and Graphic Ink


Case Construction Roof Coatings

Connect with RawSource in Shanghai

RawSource extends a warm invitation to all coating professionals, industry leaders, and enthusiasts to visit its booth at the ChinaCoat 2023 in Shanghai. Engage with RawSource’s team, immerse yourself in the world of coatings innovation, and discover how RawSource’s solutions can elevate your coating formulations to new heights of performance and sustainability.

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