Reliability, Sustainability, Innovation

Who We Are

Company Overview


Welcome to RawSource, a company dedicated to helping grow your business. Our relationship with major producers, both in the US and abroad, make us a world leader in the industry and allows us to procure the highest quality raw materials at unbeatable prices. RawSource will be a dependable partner that will help you meet your needs now and in the future with unparalleled customer service, technical support, and supply assurance. With RawSource, you can be confident that you will receive top quality commodities while receiving the best possible price. By our unrivaled distribution, responsive services and can-do attitude, we can help you drive growth, improve profitability and manage commodity risk. You can always count on RawSource.

The Vision


RawSource is the trusted partner - providing excellent service with punctuality, reliable supply of raw materials, and the best price.

RawSource will make a positive impact with our business partners by:


  • Working to gain and build trust by always operating with integrity and reliability
  • Servicing our customers with consideration, respect, and care
  • Improving our process and expanding our business relationships
  • Assuring the quality of our products


RawSource  |  Minneapolis, MN