Rawsource at the 78th STLE Annual Meeting and Exhibition: Leading the Way in Lubricants and Metalworking Solutions

The 78th Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) Annual Meeting and Exhibition, scheduled for May 19-23, 2024, at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, brings together industry leaders and innovators from across the globe. As a premier event in the field of lubrication, tribology, and metalworking fluids, it provides a unique platform for Rawsource to showcase its cutting-edge solutions. With a focus on key products like Isostearic acid, specialty amines for pH buffers, dimer acid, tall oil acid (TOFA), organo-clays, and tall oil rosin, Rawsource is set to demonstrate its commitment to advancing the lubricants and metalworking industries.

Isostearic Acid: A Versatile Lubricant Additive

Isostearic acid stands out for its exceptional oxidative stability and lubricity, making it ideal for high-performance lubricants used in extreme conditions. Its branched structure ensures superior thermal stability, making it a key component in formulations that require resilience in demanding environments. Rawsource’s isosteric acid products help improve lubricant efficiency, extending equipment life and reducing maintenance costs.

Specialty Amines for pH Buffers

In metalworking, maintaining optimal pH levels is crucial for ensuring the stability and effectiveness of metalworking fluids. Rawsource’s specialty amines are designed to provide robust buffering capabilities, ensuring consistent pH levels in a wide range of conditions. This enhances corrosion protection and improves the overall performance of metalworking fluids, making them more reliable and efficient.

Dimer Acid: Essential for Lubricant Viscosity

Dimer acid plays a significant role in enhancing the viscosity and performance of lubricants, particularly in applications where thermal stability and resistance to oxidation are crucial. Rawsource’s dimer acid products are formulated to meet the exacting demands of the metalworking industry, ensuring optimal lubricant performance even under extreme conditions.

Tall Oil Acid (TOFA) and Tall Oil Rosin: Natural Solutions for Industrial Applications

TOFA and tall oil rosin are derived from natural sources and offer unique properties that make them ideal for a range of applications in lubricants and metalworking. TOFA is known for its excellent solvency and low viscosity, making it a versatile additive in lubricant formulations. Tall oil rosin, on the other hand, is valued for its adhesive properties and thermal stability, enhancing the performance of adhesives and coatings in industrial settings. Rawsource’s focus on these natural products underscores its commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Organo-clays: Enhancing Viscosity and Stability

Organo-clays are used in lubricants and greases to enhance viscosity and stability, providing superior performance in high-temperature environments. Rawsource’s organo-clays offer exceptional rheological properties, making them indispensable in the formulation of high-performance lubricants and greases.

Rawsource's Role at STLE 2024

As a key participant in the STLE Annual Meeting and Exhibition, Rawsource aims to leverage its expertise in chemical solutions to address the evolving needs of the lubrication and metalworking industries. The company’s presence underscores its dedication to innovation and sustainability, showcasing its products that play a pivotal role in driving efficiency and performance across the sector. By engaging with industry leaders and showcasing its portfolio of solutions, Rawsource is poised to make a significant impact at STLE 2024, reinforcing its position as a leader in the field.

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