Beauty Reimagined: The Premier Cosmetic Innovation Expo in North America

This May, the heart of New York City transforms into the epicenter of cosmetic innovation and beauty trends at the Javits Center. Scheduled for May 1-2, 2024, North America’s largest tradeshow dedicated to cosmetic product development is not just an event; it’s the cornerstone conference for the New York Society of Cosmetics Chemists. This annual gathering is where the future of beauty and skincare unfolds, bringing together cosmetic companies and material suppliers from across the globe. Over two exhilarating days, attendees will immerse themselves in the latest advancements, technologies, and trends shaping the cosmetic industry.

Why Rawsource is Attending

Networking with Industry Leaders

  • Objective: To forge new connections and strengthen existing relationships within the cosmetic industry.
  • Approach: Engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations that drive innovation and growth.
  • Discovering Emerging Trends

  • Objective: To stay ahead of the curve by immersing in the latest industry developments, consumer preferences, and technological advancements.
  • Approach: Attend keynotes and panels, participate in workshops, and engage with other innovators to gain insights that inform our product development and strategic direction.
  • Showcasing Our Innovations

  • Objective: To highlight Rawsource’s commitment to quality and innovation through our latest product offerings and solutions tailored for the cosmetic industry.
  • Approach: Present our unique value proposition, demonstrate the effectiveness and sustainability of our products, and illustrate how we address the needs of today’s cosmetic market.
  • Aligning with Our Mission

  • Objective: To reinforce our dedication to providing high-quality chemical commodities that meet the rigorous standards of the cosmetic industry.
  • Approach: Illustrate how our participation in NYSCC Suppliers’ Day exemplifies our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and customer-centric innovation.
  • By participating in NYSCC Suppliers’ Day, Rawsource not only showcases its dedication to the cosmetic industry but also underlines its role as a forward-thinking, reliable partner poised to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future. This event offers an unparalleled platform for us to demonstrate how our values of quality, innovation, and sustainability are manifested through our products and services, ensuring we continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and the industry at large.

    Highlights of Rawsource’s Offerings

    At Rawsource, we are proud to showcase a selection of our standout chemical commodities at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day, each selected for its pivotal role in cosmetic formulations. Our products are at the forefront of innovation, offering our clients unparalleled quality and performance. Below are the highlights of our offerings


    Our Silicone solutions offer unmatched versatility and efficacy in cosmetic applications, providing a silky, smooth texture, enhanced spreadability, and a substantive yet non-tacky feel to skin and hair care formulations.

    Peg 12 Dimethicone

    Peg 12 Dimethicone stands out for its excellent conditioning properties and its role as a surfactant, emulsifier, and moisturizer, making it an essential ingredient for creating luxurious, high-performance cosmetics.

    Phenyl Trimethicone

    Phenyl Trimethicone is celebrated for its exceptional ability to impart a glossy, highly reflective finish in beauty products. It’s a silicone that enhances the aesthetic appeal of skin and hair care formulations, contributing to a superior sensory experience.

    Benzyl Alcohol

    Benzyl Alcohol is a versatile preservative and solvent, known for its efficacy in ensuring product safety and integrity. It’s valued for its mild, pleasant aroma and compatibility with a wide range of cosmetic formulations.


    Acetone, widely recognized for its solvent properties, plays a crucial role in cosmetic manufacturing processes. Its purity and effectiveness make it indispensable in the formulation of nail care products and other cosmetic applications.

    Isostearic Acid

    Isostearic Acid is a key ingredient for its emollient and binder properties, contributing to the texture, stability, and moisture retention of cosmetic products. It is integral in formulating skin-friendly, hydrating beauty solutions.
    These products underscore Rawsource’s commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, reflecting our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the cosmetics industry.

    Networking, Learning, and Discovery

    Beyond the exhibition floor, the event is a vibrant hub for networking, learning, and discovery. Attendees will have the chance to engage with industry leaders, form new partnerships, and gain insights into emerging market trends. Whether you’re a formulator, marketer, or beauty enthusiast, the tradeshow provides an invaluable platform for connecting with like-minded professionals and staying ahead in the fast-paced world of cosmetics.

    Experience the Future of Beauty

    The beauty industry is constantly on the move, and this tradeshow is where you can witness its direction first-hand. From groundbreaking ingredients to transformative products, everything on display is set to redefine beauty standards and consumer expectations.
    As we look forward to the future of cosmetics and skincare, this tradeshow stands as a testament to the industry’s resilience, creativity, and drive for excellence. Join us at the Javits Center for an event that promises not just to showcase the future of beauty, but to inspire it.


    The NYSCC Suppliers’ Day is a major event for cosmetic industry professionals, focusing on product development and innovation. It features networking opportunities, educational programs, and a showcase of new trends and technologies. Held at the Javits Center in NYC, this event is essential for those looking to stay ahead in the cosmetics sector. For more information, registration details, and a deeper dive into what the event offers, please visit the official event page

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