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Product Categories

Whether you are looking for a polar solvent or a specialized additive, we have a broad product offering available in a wide variety of quantities, from bulk deliveries to gallon cases.


Acids are fundamental reagents used by a wide variety of industries to remove impurities, and produce ferti…

Additives & Modifiers

Univar Solutions supplies and distributes an extensive selection of high-quality additives and modifiers id…


Offering a broad of portfolio of chelants for every application
Chelants, also known as chelates, se…


Offering a broad of portfolio of chelants for every application
Chelants, also known as chelates, se…

Essential Chemicals & Ingredients

When it comes to your Essential Chemicals and Ingredients, you can count on our reliable and professional 


Oleochemicals are derived from natural sources, including plant oils and animal fats. The Univar Solutions ..


Offering only the best oxides is what we do.
Univar Solutions provides an extensive selection of high…


Peroxide is a chemical compound with oxygen atoms bonded together in a chemical structure similar to water …

Polymers & Resins

Univar Solutions provides an extensive portfolio of high-quality polymers and resins to customers and clien…

Process Aids

Process aids are utilized to improve and enhance how you products are used.
Univar Solutions supplies…


Silicate is a member of polyatomic anions chemicals consisting of silicon and oxygen linked together in sev…


Silicones offer a unique, multi-functional combination of benefits to consumer and industrial applications .


Solvents are the backbone of many chemical processes. With purity, safety, and efficiency to consider, it i…


Offering a comprehensive portfolio of surfactants
Univar Solutions offers surfactants and is your on…

Sodium (Salts)

Sodium is an alkali metal that is the sixth most common element on Earth. Sodium in its metallic form is ve…

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