Rawsource at ChemExpo India: Championing Sustainability in Chemical Supply

24th – 25th April, 2024 BOMBAY EXHIBITION CENTRE, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India In an era where sustainability defines the next steps for industries worldwide, the chemical sector is no exception. Rawsource’s presence at ChemExpo India illuminates our dedication to this journey. As a leading supplier in the chemical industry, our engagement at the event emphasized not […]

D-Limonene Explained: Uses, Production, and Buying Guide

D-limonene vs L-limonene

TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS D-Limonene, a natural compound found in the rinds of citrus fruits, stands out for its versatility and eco-friendly profile. This article delves into the differences between d-limonene and its isomers, explores its efficacy as a natural insecticide, and outlines its production process. Whether you’re looking to use d-limonene for […]